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How to divorce

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    When I knew a divorce was unavoidable, I felt like the floor fell out from under me and I did not know what to do, where to begin, how to divorce. I had so many questions and no answers.

    A Your Divorce Client
    1. Where do I start?

    How to divorce is one of the most common questions. Everything starts with a totally confidential complimentary 30-minute consultation with your Certified Divorce Financial Analyst to understand your situation, what you need, and explain how we can help you. We’ll suggest the best direction to take … depending on what we hear.  And the best part is there’s no obligation.

    2. Do I need an attorney?

    The short answer is … it depends.

    The other question to be asking is … If you do need an attorney, at what stage in the process do you need one? Sometimes people turn to an attorney too soon in the process. They aren’t prepared and organized, so they end up wasting time and money. Imagine the difference it makes to go to an attorney when you’re just starting the process vs. going when it’s time … because you’re organized and have a better sense of what you want and what’s most important to you. This allows you and your attorney to focus on the legal aspects without all the other competing distractions.

    You may only need an attorney to draft your decree or you may need full-blown representation. We help you understand what you need and when, so you make the best use of your attorney and are fully prepared … emotionally and financially. Most importantly, you’ll not only have your financials all organized, you’ll also have a full understanding of what you have and what you want, saving you time and money. Our job is to help you be as fully prepared as you can be.

    3. How do we know that mediation is right for us?

    It’s right for a couple who understands the benefits of mediation. Couples who can keep it together enough to work through their agreement and be honest with their financials.

    4. What do I need to do if I think my spouse won’t work with me through the process?

    If you don’t have a spouse that’ll work with you, it’s likely that you’re going to need an attorney. And again, the first step is to help you get your financials organized, so you understand them. We work with you to start putting the pieces together. This will better help your attorney to ascertain what else is needed from your spouse. When the attorney requests documents from your spouse, we then add them to the proposed divorce settlement, so you have your full financial picture.

    5. How can we minimize the impact on our children?

    Your children are the innocent bystanders in all this. We help you keep your children out of the crossfire! They’re totally dependent on you to figure it out in the best possible way. With our help, you’ll be better able to deal with the emotional side of the divorce … and your children will be better protected. As your coach, we’ll help you make smart, well-informed decisions … instead of ones made in the moment fueled by your emotions … ones you may regret later.

    6. What are the common mistakes in divorce and how can I avoid them?

    The most common mistake typically revolves around emotional thinking instead of clear thinking. Sometimes it’s more about how you think about divorce. Your beliefs about what a divorce should look like … what your family and friends tell you … can lead you to bad decisions. It doesn’t have to be contentious.

    These are what we found to be the top mistakes people make:

    • Using the children as weapons
    • Insisting on litigation … at all costs
    • Acting out of anger, revenge, or guilt
    • Agreeing to a one-sided settlement agreement
    • Not considering tax implications
    • Failing to be realistic about their post-divorce financial situation
    7. What is a postnuptial agreement?

    Postnups are designed to settle some of the same issues a prenup does … who gets which property as well as some of the issues of a divorce settlement agreement … custody of the children etc. But in this case, the contracts are signed after the wedding. It’s a way for couples to say, ‘We’re not getting divorced, but if we do, we want to define what will happen.” Postnuptial agreements have the advantage that they’re mediated and decided while the couple are getting along instead of during the divorce process.

    8. How can Your Divorce help me?

    We work with couples and spouses who want a non-traditional approach to divorce. We’re a full service, cost-effective divorce solution. Everything you need is in one place. All the professionals … Certified Divorce Financial Analysts, Mediators, Certified Divorce Coaches, as well as Realtors and Mortgage Loan Originators … work as a team to provide you with a cohesive, seamless effort.

    We’re at your side until all the aspects of your divorce settlement are decided and the agreements executed. We’re with you throughout the whole process … and even post-divorce if you need us.

    9. And the bottom line is…?

    We bolster the support you need during this trying time and that decreases the stress you’re feeling!